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    Do you love playing with child ?
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    One thing he can't take the baby from you and you should contact child support and tell them how he thretend you and your child like that. It sounds like to me he is dangerous and I wouldn't let this get to far my advise for you is to contact child support hell I would call the cops if somone thretend my sons and I like that.
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    What to do if a mom is playing on the sympathies of children. She moved 2000 miles away and now she seems to be convincing them of how she did the right thing and "daddy won't move to her town". Kids are born and raised in my town she moved from. What say?
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    A very effective program: Today - on Oprah. Divorce - and how devastating it WILL be for kids, IF you don't 'tell them correctly'. (Jist of it.)

    A must-see for anyone who is NOT putting children ahead...(whether through selfishness or anger or any other seemingly valid reason).
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    As human beings we are blessed (or cursed) with emotions and feelings. I often hear of your story. You say you love your child. Find the courage to make choices that will be difficult.

    It sounds as if the father is using your own fears against you. This is usually the case where insecurity is a predominate character trait. Mix that with a healthy amount of pride and the results are what you are going through.

    Is he still with you and/or involved with your child?
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    umm..let me start with the statement that i am not a lawer(god know we've probably had enough of those! lol!). but, i gotta tell ya i dont know if any U.S. state where child support has anything to do with visitation. in mn and wi they are two different things. at one time i was paying nearly $22,000 a year for child support and my feeling is this. if the dad is not going to take half the responsibility for the child then he should pay child support. i have my children half the time and i still pay $150 a month in support. do i care? a little. but what i get in return from my kids is something you cant put a price on. my kids are 15, 17, and 23(i know, but hes still my kid!) and lemme tell ya, as they get older they start to realise who is actually payin the bills!
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    why is it you are all afraid to go for child support? you all say your sacred your child will be taken away??? how can they do that?i have three kids and went for support for each one....they never would take a child away if you are taking care of it and not abusing it.....by going for support it is proving you want to raise your child with better standards and everything....nail all their a*ses...if it werent for child support i would be living on the streets withmy children...
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    I'm totally new to this single parent thing... I'm applying for Child Support and finding it difficult. Why would the father paying child support have such a huge effect in court as far as custody goes?

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    How do you just leave a 2 year old and almost one year old to go back to work? The father has been telling me he does not have time for them and to get them another daddy. but if i leave he will make hell for me. Help!!!!
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    Hope this isn't too late, but I say nail his . Any man that is man enough to father a child needs to pay child support.

    If he's threatening you with physical violence, then you can get a restraining order.

    As far as him taking your daughter, it's unlikely since he hasn't supported her since she was born. Good Luck.
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    If money would only cause you to lose your child then forget about the support. I have never asked any support for my child because it can be used to have custody of her. Money is a need but it isn't everything. Values are learned even without money and most of the time these values are passed on to the next generation. I know the feeling of wanting the best for your child and it gives me anxiety to think of my limitations but your love for your child will never match any material wealth you may offer. I have taught my child the prayer before bedtime which she says everynight .
    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
    And if I die before I wake
    I pray the Lord my soul to take.

    God will always and always watch over your child....keep that in mind.
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    I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me with my daughters father. Six years later and I have still never received or asked for a dime of child support because of that fear.
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    onewish, being a single mother is a hard thing. I'm doing it too with three kids. As for child support, if you were married, it's a no brainer the court will give you support. If you're not married and on any type of state aide, the state will go after the father for support. That's the way it is in MO. Your best bet is to consult with an attorney, usually a consultation is free. As for making your life hell, all ex's do that at some point when kids are involved. As far as taking your child, most courts still favor the mother and as long as you are not a drug addict or he can show you are unfit, the court will generally leave the child with you.
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    I am a new single mother, I just want my baby to be safe, happy and not get caught up in a ugly battel.
    He told me if I would try and get child support that he would make my life and the babys' a living hell and that he would take her from me just out of spite.
    Does any one have any advise. I love my baby so much that this is killing me inside.
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    That's too bad she left us hanging. I hope everything's OK. She probably was looking for help too.
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    How old is she?
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    i loved being able to wake up and play with my daughter and her toys but now thats all gone i miss her and i dont know what to do