Whom should I date ??? Romance

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    I?m a female student and I am seriously confused about my sexuality. I spend most of my social life getting drunk, so that I don?t have to face this problem. I have dated guys, but I never get very close to them. Girls make me feel safe and I can relate better to them. I may sound like I am straight and they are just best friend, but I recently met a girl at university and took an instant liking to her and dated her a few times ?that?s different to the way I feel about my other mater; I just want to be near her. I?d love to tell her about my feelings, but I don?t know her well enough and she can blab to other and made my life a misery.

    Should I date men only, am I straight?

    Kate Jones

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    Should dat who u want too date. Just make sure he is worth the time. Im kinda in that same boat too


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    Really confused....why is this person writing or part of the network, they don't have children, nor want them. Not a site for young, sexually confused party girls??? or is it?
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    Hi, if I had wings of a dove
    Id sore up into the clouds and sculpture
    a picture of you for the whole world to see, how real beautiful you seem to me.

    Im glad im honestly not as beautiful, but im sure it would be hard to know what someones true feeling are, but you will, im 35 and still waiting, have fun enjoy, get pissed and you'll be fine, just don't go telling everyone your stories either being so attractive and im sure such a wonderful personality to, have a great xmas to, x steve from perth.
    PS: O yeh nearly forgot, who should you date, well I am wondering why you ask, but as you are asking, a male.

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    I agree talk to her and at least let her know how you feel. Everybody goes through the experimental stage especially women. who knows mybe it's boys and girls for, but the choice will come to you in time.
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    ok , I have just read your post, and I have to say that you are still young and right now you are still finding your way in life, and as for your freind, well if I were you I would talk to her about how you feel and then if she dosen't understand then she is not a freind.. but as far as guys go hun, don't just go out with one to hide the real you . take time to find out whom the real you is first then go from there, i wish you luck .