Is it always harder for the parent that has them children? Romance

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    I am the parent that has the children at home all the time. My oldest goes to her fathers once a year. My ex met someone and married her six months after our divorce and only knew her for four months. (That is four from saying hi to saying I Do.) So is it always harder for the parent that has the kids to get back into the dating field and meet someone?
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    Hi Me2plus,

    My hats off to you. Its time we the fathers to show the world that we care for the little ones and be more responsible to bring them up to face the real world. When people walk away from you let them go.......your destiny is never tied up to anyone who leaves u. It just means that their part in your story is over.
    Being a single Dad myself I feel proud to see that there are people like us in this world i also strongly believe that true love do exists somewhere as long as there is understandings that the new girl will look after your kids and you can love her kids the same way that trust is what matters. Good luck.
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    Well, from a logistics point of view, I suppose it is harder for those who have custody since the children have to come first. I am a single father of two young children whose mother cheated on me with my best friend for 3 months before she told me she wanted a divorce. Now they are shacking up together in an RV and joining a carnival while I am struggling to make ends meet and raise my kids. So ya, I'd have to say that it is quite a bit more difficult trying to have any kind of social life when the vast majority of my time and effort go into raising my children. Then again, I can no longer imagine my life any other way now. I love my kids unconditionally and if that means I must do it alone, then I do it alone. Of course, I suppose that's why we're all try to find someone we can relate to and perhaps even start a new family with, but my kids will always come first.