children need love! Children Support

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    hello girls....i do agree all of you being a mother is so GREAT but single a mother is hard...we need to rised our kids by our own...i been widowed for 9 years and from that they when my husband fast away...i do work too hard,in my all ways to suport the needs my daughter was 1 yr an 8 months on that time an my son is 6 months,but even what happen i need to be strong just to suport my now my daughter is 11 years going to be 12 this october an my son just turn 10 last april...
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    tracywang write:
    children in single family really need love!they will feel lonely and then become unsociable and therefore they can't have a good attitude to their lives!

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    im a single mother of the most beatiful 2 year old, when i was 5 months pregnant the father told me to get an abortion, and then made some verrry harsh threats, so he is obviously out of the whole scene...however me and my son could be happier, everyday he wakes me up but screamning at the top of his lungs that he loves me and wants me to get up, and im really glad that i had that extra bonding time with him and not had the father around to ruin it, i know i have alot to go through in the future, but if i had a choice between keeping things the way they are or going in the past, id have the say having it the way they are..yes it can be hectic sometimes, but luckily i also have my parents behind me every step, so really my son is my little angel*he literally saved my life* and my parents coulndt be happier with a little one running around..he lightens everyday up, and he knows he is loved, either it be me or my parents or my brother, wheather it be shown but kissing him to submission of giggles and laughter or by us jsut saying so..if anything he is more loved then he woulda been if the father was in the picture..
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    i agree with susie up there...i grew up with only my mother and love mothr taught me that for others to love you you have to love yourself mother didnot give me or my two brothers extra love because she was single...she worked all day and was exhausted by the time she got home....i feel she did a great job with out *throwing* her self on us...i also feel my three kids are growing up great with out their father and me stepping back and letting them have their life....a single mother doesnt need to throw herself at her children for them to grow up right she just needs to be there when they need her....
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    Well Said!!!!! Sounds like you a GREAT single mother! I understand how you feel. I have been a single mom for the past 3 years without receiving any child support either. My son will be 5 this summer! His father also takes care of some one else's child and doesn't see his own son! I must say it has been hard at times but, I completely agree with you that kids live what they learn, and I make sure everyday to be a positive role model in his life. I have no doubts that my son will lead a happy fulfilled childhood! Take Care & keep up the good work!!!!
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    You're sadly mistaken, and if this is your attitude about raising a child in a single-parent environment, then please seek help for yourself. Raising a child alone is not a death warrant. It's a lifestyle change. I've been raising my daughter alone for 7 years. Her father hasn't seen her nor paid any support in over 4 years, yet he's raising 2 new baby girls with his new family. Not even a call on birthdays or Christmas. She's 15 and able to decide for herself the kind of person he is. As for me, I've given her a strong role model example by maintaining our way of life (as difficult as that has been). I even went back to school and now have a career as a teacher. She's involved in student government, JV softball, taking college algebra as a high school sophomore, and has so many friends that I have a hard time keeping their names straight. Kids live what they learn, and if you live your life as "unsociable," then so will your kids. Give them something to be proud of and look up to. This is *your* chance to shine, and they will admire your determination more than you know!