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36, Woman | Greeley, Colorado, USA

Dinner and then a nice walk around the lake where we can get to know each other. Another great date idea is a nice picnic where we can talk and get to know each other. I love to be outside so I like my date to be outside somewhere
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32, Woman | City of London, GBR

Day date - getting some food and just getting to know each other , or maybe a physical activity like go ape or something . Just anything during the day where you can have fun and get to know each other and see if you have similar interests and want to see each other again.
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31, Woman | Saint Mary, JAM

Talking on the phone like in the old days before video calling..... where u can open up and laugh and not feel insecure or shy. 2nd date: somewhere quiet like a fav spot hugh ground where you can enjoy nature.
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34, Woman | Bothell, Washington, USA

Something simple; coffee, drinks, or ice cream. Enough to break the ice, determine chemistry, and decide whether or not we want to pursue getting to know one another... low pressure and fun, that should be the emphasis.
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35, Woman | Tampa, Florida, USA

Lord here go again, 200 words . I have endless ideas . A great restaurant, happy hour, fishing, something out on the water, chicken wings, brunch, coffee, sky diving, kayaking, etc etc etc etc etc etc. I'm a go with the flow kinda gal. Ask anything you want and I'll tell ya how I feel . Just don't ask me to answer with a response of 200 words for the love of god. Good company, filled with laughs and relatable conversations . I'm comfortable being a little awkward, because who likes "normal" anyway.
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30, Man | Redditch, Worcestershire, GBR

With kids then a day out to the zoo or park where they can run and have fun. If just parents then bowling, meal something chill can relax and talk with no distractions. But open to any ideas really .
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35, Man | Westminster, California, USA

Let's not set the bar too high at first. ;) We can save the candlelit dinners for the 3rd or 4th date if we make it that far. But to start off I think we should hit beach for a walk in the sand. We can talk and see if we really align with one another. On the next date, let's go grocery store shopping. Lol Just trying to keep each other on our toes. Who knows maybe we can cook dinner together.
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33, Woman | Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Something relaxing that takes the pressure off, like a walk in the botanical gardens or something casual during the day. I think it's a good way to get a feel for someone and see if it's potentially something you both want.
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35, Woman | Silver City, New Mexico, USA

Meet at a lunch spot to talk and get to know more about each other. I like Italian food, pizza, eyc... and places not bustling loud so conversations can be heard. After that we can see where this can lead and pray on what we have learned about each other.
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38, Woman | Gauteng, ZAF

A picnic or hiking, I like places that are less populated. I have crowd phobia. Secondly I would like to prepare a romantic dinner at home, set a table and just have a good moments with my partner. First date can be garden too for a person like me.
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36, Man | test, North York, Ontario, CAN

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35, Man | Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Coffee - then walk in the city park with the coffee - I'm getting an iced bootlegger. Third date would be a lake day on a pontoon on Smith Lake. Not sure about the second date yet. Maybe square dancing. Bring your deodorant. Apparently you need over 200 characters to save this...
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38, Woman | Thornhill, Ontario, CAN

I'm a traditional gal so ask me out quick! No one likes a pen-pal! We can go by the lake, to an ice team store, a pancake place. Some where light and cozy. I live in Thornhill. Best thing to do if we connect is to exchange numbers and talk on the phone first.
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35, Woman | Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Yoga pants, board games, wine, and lots of physical chemistry. I'd love to really get to know a person and have a great time getting to know each other while hopefully having a connection physically...
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35, Woman | Camarillo, California, USA

Hiking, beach walking, picnic, mini golf, frisbee golf, bowling, park, exploring tide pools, geocaching. I love the outdoors and activities and it would be nice to be able to talk and discuss different topics.

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