• Clean or not?

    When you are contemplating sex with your significant other always make sure they do not have any diseases. This goes the same if you are infected, let the other person kno ... For detail, click here.

  • Don't be afraid to ask

    Making sure your using all kinds of precautions when the dates go well and you find yourself getting hot and heavy. Don't be afraid to ask if they are clean or when they w ... For detail, click here.

  • Don't feel embarrassed for being SAFE - Sex has changed!

    Sexual intercourse has changed with the new generations and it depends on where you were grew up. No one can ask you or pressure you for something that you are not 100 ... For detail, click here.

  • Don't give in to the 'Heat of the Moment' too often! Relax and get to know the person first

    It can certainly be agreed that almost everyone looking for love has passionate physical attraction listed as their number one must haves. I too have attraction as my ... For detail, click here.

  • Don't just ask about sexual health, you and your partner should be...

    It is your responsibility to practice safe sex and make sure you and your partner (s) are clean. Don't just ask about sexual health, you and your partner should be tes ... For detail, click here.

  • Don't let the heat of the moment dictate your feelings

    Do not have sex with him on the first date. In fact, don't have sex with him until YOU are ready. During the heat of the moment, men will say things to get sex that th ... For detail, click here.

  • Never Feel Pressured

    My advice is please never feel pressured to have sexual relations with your mate before you truly feel you are ready. If someone you are dating is pressuring you into ... For detail, click here.

  • Never leave your own sexual safety up to someone else

    Physical attraction can lead to sex. Always be prepared. Don't assume the man is responsible for providing protection. Women should be prepared as well. Never leave yo ... For detail, click here.

  • Protect yourself sexually- even if you think your partner is squeaky clean

    Teens are often warned and taught about STDs, but more mature adults often think they are safe from them, thinking that "people our age" don't tend to have so many par ... For detail, click here.

  • Regular Sexual Health Screenings

    Always ensure that your sexual health screenings are up to date. Many countries offer free sexual health clinics, where you can be seen to acquire cheaper condoms, lubrica ... For detail, click here.

  • Sexual Rumors

    If someone continuously pushes you to sleep with them right away within the first few conversations, this could be a warning sign. If you decide to meet with someone w ... For detail, click here.

  • The Right Time To Have Sex In a New Relationship

    Apparently, these are the perennial questions about sex especially for women: "if we have sex, will he call," and for men, "when will she be ready." When a little susp ... For detail, click here.

  • The right moment or the right person? Both!

    Sex can be a great thing but it can also be an unpleasant if we do notknow how towait for the right moment and even more important for the right person.

    Fo ... For detail, click here.

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