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a night ride to remember lonesomedaddy... 247 06/28/2008
loving yourself shelleyrob... 79 06/27/2008
After a few days and a poem lonesomedaddy... 160 06/22/2008
My fisrt time CasperAnders... 182 06/20/2008
a looong night lonesomedaddy... 89 06/19/2008
edited song of the day. coldplay Viva La Vid ... lonesomedaddy... 47 06/18/2008
behind those eyes lonesomedaddy... 95 06/17/2008
fathers day!! lonesomedaddy... 81 06/15/2008
Muzik and whimizacal donnare... 76 06/03/2008
my wendy mrlupom... 80 05/15/2008
I am hispanic but I am italian at heart. mrlupom... 64 05/15/2008
ELLHNIDES ELATE EDW nowcup... 30 05/12/2008
my jennifer mrlupom... 46 05/06/2008
I really love big women mrlupom... 101 05/01/2008
mrlupomex12 mrlupom... 16 05/01/2008
Any cute and sweet guy out there? periwinkl... 137 04/13/2008
looking for the woman of my dreams. mrlupom... 108 04/11/2008
Working hard. mrlupom... 26 04/11/2008
Dididanka Dididan... 60 03/24/2008
I am looking for my soulmate. mrlupom... 195 03/06/2008
new here beatri... 142 02/25/2008
phoneix phone... 72 02/05/2008
phoneix phone... 13 02/05/2008
my dear and best friend sally. mrlupom... 73 02/03/2008
Sally my dear and best friend. mrlupom... 27 02/03/2008
anybody out there like bigger women?
i like here
i just want a good man!
After a few days and a poem
Single father with costudy:)
young single mothers

newbie looking for friends
new here
How do you deal with kids who won't go to sleep?
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Tell me...
Looking for the right man!
Single father with costudy:)