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saying hello Wifey... 97 03/29/2006
new BrowneyedAng... 80 02/21/2006
first post ne... 1 02/06/2006
hey annl7... 80 01/10/2006
Cries From the grave (I write, too) chiunico... 121 12/07/2005
i like here Wendy198110... 314 11/22/2005
cold weather chiunico... 93 11/02/2005
My new friend the computer. :) chiunico... 166 10/27/2005
Hi!! chiunico... 93 10/27/2005
Who's Out There, Anyway? arch... 381 01/15/2009
I have moved on, finally saintpa... 247 11/11/2008
Halloween JoeB... 72 10/31/2007
First Blog JoeB... 82 10/25/2007
j's thoughts jstsauv... 370 10/21/2007
Sexy or scary? jent... 525 07/07/2007
New here jent... 131 07/06/2007
mark mark69... 119 08/21/2006
Why isn't anyone ever online??? ClassyFema... 267 07/09/2006
New to here mal18... 75 07/02/2006
Oceanside, CA hsta... 98 05/14/2006
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