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I am trying to find a honest, hard working man to be with that will also accept the fact that I have a young child. I just left a very abusive relationship and it seems like all the guys out there are turned off by the fact that a girl has other priorities. I am not looking for financial support in any way, but emotional support to help contribute to the well being of my son. I need to find someone to be a role model for my son and someone who will treat me right. I know there are other moms out there like me trying to find a good man for themselves and their kids. God bless anyone that can help.

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Jose Ramon
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I am a guy with a soft mind.I like to help needy ppl. I only need true love. Want girl who knows true meaning of life.I like kids and long term relation. I wanna spent rest of my life with her. If u wanna get me beside u . U can talk to me.
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First of all, beautiful baby Boy.
I totally understand you. You are a young sigle mom and yes, men will find it hard to date you with a child but you need to change your p.o.v. You dont need a man to be a good role model in your sons life. YOU and only you are the role model that he needs. I too was a very young mom when I had my child and it was hard. And we look to fill that gap that is missing in our hearts. and we often make mistakes by exposing out kids to the wrong guy to soon and that can be horrible in a childs life. The question that you always need to ask yourself is do I really want this guy to be a part of my sons life? Don't rush into a relationship with any random guy. We all get desperate for love sometimes but don't forget that you have the best and unconditional love that you can ever get which is from your child. My mom always tells me, don't look for love, love will find you. And for some reason, when you look for love, it always seems to be the wrong kind. So enjoy your son, watch him grow, be there for him every moment, time, month, years of the way, even if it is without a man by your side. Because all those moments that go by as your son grows up, you will never get back. and I too believe that there are some good men out there who dont mind us single moms! Good luck to you in your life's.
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good luck to you too
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Hi... I couldnt of said it better myself....good luck to you.