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fathers day!!

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Well now, I havent been able to get much sleep as of late. Between work and my son.. I end up falling asleep around 2-330am. Well this morning @ 7ish i got woke up to my sons sholder landing in the middle of my chest as his knee went ( other places) after i healed up and i got breakfast made for us we went out and enjoyed the day for awhile. I came home and jumped online again and noticed i got added by a special somone i look forward to hearing from. this kind of thing makes my day. Anyway.. my son has been begging for a slip and slide for our rather steep hillside.. so needless to say i got him one and we just came in from enjoying the mach2 speeds going down the slip and slide. theres supposed to be a little stopper air filled pillow at the end of the slide that ended being more of a jump into wet grass.. lol im definately going to be black and blue for awhile after sliding down 40ft and flying for an additional 10 after hitting that pillow. i thought i blew out my sholder.. lol :) Days like today make me proud to be a parent. He had the time of his life and im glad we were able to do that. At age 5 this for him is kind of a big deal and i know he will talk about it with grandma for a long time. thanks for reading and i wanted to say to those fellas who have kids... HAPPY FATHERS DAY

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Hehehe!! Guess that wish was for all the single mommy ladies too!!

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