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edited song of the day. coldplay Viva La Vida

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i got into my hatchback today.. As i pulled out i can barely hear the radio due to my exhaust being kind of loud. i turned up the cd player and listened to coldplays viva la vida i ended up taking the long route flying down rt.218 from waynesburg to blacksville wv.. i was there in 11 minutes and its a 17 mile drive on some of the most curvey roads known to man. I have had an scca lic for almost 5 years for racing tt ( time trial) and i do have a 5 point harness as a seat belt. Needless to say as the rain lifted this afternoon it was beautiful and i listened to this song and all i could do was laugh. i felt the feeling of flight..the wings i once gladly clipped to be with the person i loved are growing again. Everyday we all get better as we look to the sun for warmth and a more positive outlook on life. if we were all perfect and life was good all the time with the ones we once loved we wouldnt be here.. but this is life and it is a test.. not just on how strong we are but on how we react to things that happen to us.. the answers to that is our lifes lesson.. music has always helped me.. deftones are my anger and frustration.. coldplay is my sanity and the music for my best of times... staind and linkin park is the music of the past for me.. i listen to them all alot. coldplay HAS TO BE one of the most inspiring bands in our time. i just got back 40 min ago.. time to prep for the ufc fight. i cant wait. WHAT SONGS DO YOU ALL LIKE THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GREAT. Is there a song that touches your soul and who you are? feedback please!!!!!!

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Hey there! I love Coldplay too!I love music, and a couple of songs that I really like are Lady Madonna (Beatles) and Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd) I like your bike!I am in a miserable relationship with my 14 year old son's dad. Sorry I don't have a pic, but I am the one always taking the pics. Have a great day!

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