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a night ride to remember

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It wasn't until around 230am as i lay awake in bed hearing the sound of a cbr1000 reving outside my house. I jumped out of bed like a shot of a gun. I grabbed my shoes and my etnies hoodie knowing my helmet was on my gas tank. It was my friend who had just had an falling out with his girl. I own (for now) an 06 Suzuki gsxr1000 and for awhile i hadn't been on it alot till recently. I grabbed my mp3 player and turned it on. a remix by DJ tiesto "crosses" started blaring in my ears.. Some times we as people just need to have something that lets our spirits fly. Something that allows us to be free. We always go back to the ones we love but for that moment you are alive and not thinking about whatever problems you have. We start into the night.. side by side. No words were really said.. just a quick finger point and away we went. I felt as if our bikes and minds were connected. We rode harder then ever before. For me personally it felt great. I felt as if i was flying as i looked up at the moon.. This song blared in my ears and i had to tap the repeat button.. we rode into blackville WV..ended up in a small town called mt.morris pa.. grabbed i-79 and hit the interstate to morgantown WV.. I had the best ride of my life hands down bar none. No speed limits.. no worries and no thoughts of issues within myself. the point is there are times that being a single parent gets hard.i know it's never easy actually.. As our kids get older we need to find something that when we do get time.. we extremely enjoy.. something that sets our souls free. It's not that we love our kids any less.. its just at times i feel we need to recharge ourselves. parents understand that yes we give up alot.. yes we don't get to go to all the parties or clubs..nor is that always the answer. well not for me anyway. But you do need to find something that you and only you enjoy doing.. I came home and wrote this.. now i know I'm going to sleep like a baby waiting for my son to arrive around 11am. i cant wait. Jesus what a good song.. its on youtube as well.. Jose Gonzalez - Crosses (DJ Ti??sto Remix)

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