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a looong night

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Im not going to say much in this.. But have any of you ever been in a 4-5 hour long conversation before on the phone? To the point where both of your phone's die? I spoke to a friend till the sun came up last night. It seemed like i had just answered the phone and then the birds started chirping lol. After our conversation i couldn't sleep and haven't been to sleep yet. Sometimes it's good to do things like this. You kind of get a better sense of who you are and when it's a true friend you are speaking too you can be honest.. with them and yourself. I watched the sun come up sitting on my back porch drinking coffee. For those of you who are on the west coast.. I wish i was there. But the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.. I'm a sunset guy 99% of the time.. Today the sun rose up and a small ray of light brushed my face. Make's me believe that there's going to be a new beginning soon. very soon. I wont be on for awhile. I think i may be on to something :)

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