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yes, still lost

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i just joined this site a few days ago and i feel lost
does it work at all?
why the majority of men do not have a picture up?
is there any response? (this is a question for women, i am sure men are in minority; actually i am really curious what are the numbers..
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Don't know if you are still around Natalia but I suspect more men don't post pics because they are lazy or too pround to be judged by their looks. I've never like being photographed. Do I want some photo to represent me? Also, with respect to my job and where I live the apperance of my photo would be news that I might not want to share. I don't know if it can be done on this site but I prefer it when someone can ask for a photo and be sent it.
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1 year ago

The site works, to an extent, but there isn't as much activity here as the other site I use. I don't know the ratio of men to women. I'm guessing the number of men with children is pretty low, compared to that of women with children. Not everyone replies to emails or winks, but if you are a premium member, you can at least see if they have logged on in the last month. Personally, I reply to any emails I get, but it seems that many people don't feel compelled to do so. Then, there are the potential scammers that you always have to very careful about. Take care. :)
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Hi Archer!

thank you for responding!
So are you a PREMIUM MEMBER?
I was going to write something entirely different to you here, but a new post appeared. See?
I am from Poland and currently live in Warsaw, but have spengt many years in the US and a bit in France. I work as translator and interpreter. I would gladly e-mail with you but maybe not in everybody's view(?). how can that be done?
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1 year ago
Welcome, Natalia! I just joined in November 2008 and, yes, sometimes it feels like there are very few active users out here, but I think it may be due to the holiday season. I've seen a lot of men with pictures out there, but I don't know if they are active users, or if their profile is just sitting there. You have to upgrade to Premium Member to find that out.

One thing's for sure, you have nothing to lose by hanging out on this site and seeing what happens! So, have fun with it, right?!

While we're both sitting here in cyberspace, would you tell me a little about yourself? Where are you from?