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Sexy or scary?

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1 year ago
So what is it? I have been told time and time again that I am sexy. I believe it. I am a very sexual being. It is in my nature to touch and be touched, tease and enjoy being teased. I don't hide that. But, when it comes to actually finding someone to be with - forget it! I have written to like a bazillion people and IF I get a response, as soon as I mention my kids WHAMMO! It's all over. Am I really destined to be alone till they are grown and perhaps forever? That sucks. Damn! That really sucks!

Oh, I know that I could find someone. But, I don't want just anyone. Been there, done that and wore that effing t-shirt for too long.

I want to laugh with my partner till my sides ache. I want to race home because I want nothing else in the world but to be with that person. I want the butterflies. I want the magic.

It could happen. I have got to believe it could happen.

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It could be that some men are put off by the idea of suddenly becoming a replacement dad, even if that's not what you're looking for. I don't think you can be too hard on them for being reluctant to get involved as it is a huge responsibility and it is better that they consider this at an early stage rather than just go along for the ride and end up hurting everyone. Sorry if that sounds negative, it's not meant to be - good luck with your search.
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you will meet the right person some day and your children should not cause a problem. you look mighty good to me so you must to most men. are you trying too hard? going to the wrong places, meeting the wrong type of men? let me know how it turns out, as you sure deserve a better chance in life.
best wishes jim x
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hey this is clayton i read your blog
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hmm oddly enough its the same for once i think i find mr right, it turns out he is afraid of getting to attached to my kid, drives me insane, but im sure one day you will get the magic and stuff as you put it, jsut keep your chin up:) and btw you are really pretty to me:)
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I think you sound wonderful:)