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1 year ago
Curious. Perhaps surrounding myself with people who relate to being parents is a better choice. Because it seems that many single men my age are looking for 20 somethings with no kids. Hmmmm that is very interesting. No, not interesting, funny, hysterical even. I couldn't even imagine dating men that young. Ya, the sex would be freaking awesome I am sure, but I want someone to relate to my brain and being as well!
And another thing, I am not looking for someone to have a once a month date with. I am to the point in my life where that is more of a pain in the butt rather than fun. Heaven forbid I let myself actually like this person because it will go nowhere. Do people really do that and enjoy it? Ugh! I want to let myself go when I am with someone. I want to feel the sparks and get raw emotion on the table. I am like that. It just isn't worth it to me to do something unless I REALLY DO IT! Why put half effort into it? Waste of time.

Obviously I have bruises. But, they are healing and I have learned more about myself in the past 6 months than I have known about me for years. With that information, I am back on my board and am ready to ride the wave. God that was corny. Barf!

So, welcome to my world. Sit back relax, enjoy the read. Want a beer?

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I'm very pleased to read your delicious comments, and i had found simetric thinks, especially in sexy or scary? Really I like you, and share the search to find somebody who enjoy the brain sucah us your body.

Take care I hope chat to you.
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Life is beautiful if we have the Lord Jesus in our hearts and lives. I think you are a very strong woman in that you were able to raise 4 precious kids. You wont really feel lonely in life if you are in love with the Lord Jesus. The truth is, JESUS loves you so much! He died and rose for you. Why not try JESUS?