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My new friend the computer. :)

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13 monthes ago, (ok maybe 14 monthes ago), I was taken by force to the computer and after much arm twisting, I posted my picture on a website.

It changed my world!! I'll always be glad for my stubborn friends who just wouldn't give up on me.

Shy, a lil' and otherworldly, in both appearance and mannerism, I find it a little uncomfortable to break the ice.

Outrageous and colorful at times, I find it easy to 'spark' people with who I am.

It's all about being an aquarius.....a mother a woman and ME!!

I love to play dress up! I included this picture just to present another part of who I am, both in my community and in my personal life!

I know, my hair is darker here. Oh well, get over it! :))

This picture was taken maybe 5 monthes ago, though.

The pics everywhere else are only two weeks old, maybe. They are dated.....

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I am with u
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How so,babe? I'm open for suggestions. You referring to the blogs? ;)
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That was good. if you put a little more into things you might get a long ways faster....