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Cries From the grave (I write, too)

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Cries From the Grave

The air is cool in Oklahoma. Sun is bright, casting shadows against the gray, garage apartment behind grandma's lil' house. The house itself is decorated in asbestos shingles.

Looking around the spare room, I smile at the images on the wallpaper.My sister and I fell asleep the night before to the splatter of rain drops beating down on the tin roof. Now that I'm awake, I can hear the rain's being replaced by the sound of birds chirping in the pecan and black walnut trees near the home. Butterflies are landing on the fragrant flowers in the window box.

Quickly I dress and run outside. I see that our family looks like many others in the middle class neighborhood. I feel smug knowing all is right in my world.
We are dressed appropriately for the current weather. Lightweight sweaters, and dresses with sleeves is what most of us kids are wearing.
Couisins, aunts, and uncles, are balancing plates and drinks, discussing the current news of the day. Only the man with one eye, who always wears overalls, seems to be missing.

The topic of discussion is about the two little girls who've disappeared from the park down the street. The radio is blaring out the facts. How did this happen?

My mother is concerned and as ususal, refuses to let us out of her sight.

Whispers, like an under current riding the wave of a storm, brew off in the distance, threatening to break up the seemingly normal picture of my world. Whispers that add to all the uneasiness not typically here.
Where is the man in the overalls? Why are they saying such mean things about him? He went to the store last night and didn't return. Has something happened to him, too?

The radio is blaring out new information. "Be quiet", dad shouts as we listen to the broadcast describing the man last seen with the girls at the park. Sounds like grandpa! Ah, it couldn't have been grandpa. Yes, same heighth, weight, hair color. Coincidence though, because grandpa only has one eye. This man is normal with both eyes. That seems to be a releif to all the adults. Except one.

He's not a family member, either. He's an 'outsider' that's related to the young woman who lives in the garage apartment. He keeps talking about a small box that holds a glass eye. No one seems to be paying attention to him.
Hours pass and his voice is persistently getting louder demanding attention.
Finally, he jumps up and walks into the house.
His lively movements add a new deminsion to the otherwise boring scene, so I sneak in amist the adults that are following him.
No one seems to notice I'm here. He reachs up pointing to something and there on the mantle in the dining room, sure enough, lays a little box.
Nothing is noticably significant about it's color or shape. Only one thing is clear in my mind. It's an empty box and everyone's excited about that. They are saying it holds a glass eye and something about a logo from an opthamololgist.

A new flurry of questions surfaces, as we all move back outside to discuss what we've uncovered with the crone, grandma.
How did he afford to do this? When did he go to the dr. and why didn't he tell anyone? Was he trying to surprise grandma?

An uneasiness grew over the entire Dodson clan as the sun set in the horizon. Glass eye must be important. No one wants to talk anymore.

I try to get mom's attention but, she's busy with my sister and doesn't hear me. Thirsty, I run to the kitchen alone, hoping to find something to drink.

Appearing quietly, dressed in clothes I'd never seen until now, he walks through the front door and towards the mantle. No one is there to notice him, except me. It feels like he's invisible. Reaching for the little box, he quickly opens it and then returns the box to it's original home.

Oh no! I think he saw me! Why do I feel afraid? This is the man who tickles me. Still, I think I better hide. Yes, I'll play hide and seek.I want to be 'it', though. So I guess I'll just hide a little longer.
Now he's gone. That was kinda fun. Where's my mommy? Not sure of what I've just witnessed, I run outside to tell my grandma the good news.
As I appear on the scene, he appears in the backyard with the rest of the clan, like he'd just got home.
AND he's wearing his overalls, again.

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borring! but well written, i'd like to read something els.